Amazing Facts about Kerala

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Kerala – God’s Own Country is settled in India’s Southern tip.  With its unique geographical features makes it one of the unique places to visit in Kerala.  Kerala is popular for its lush, greenery hill stations, backwaters, beaches, and waterfalls. It has emerged as one of the best tourist destinations to visit in the world.

1. Land of coconuts

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The name Kerala is sourced from the work “Keram” which means coconut tree in Malayalam, which is the regional language of the state. Coconut trees are abundant in Kerala, so it is known as “Keralam” which means “Land of coconuts”.

2. Hub of Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is considered as one of the oldest natural system followed in India, from around 3000 B.C. Kerala is the only state in India where Ayurveda is considered as mainstream medicine. The state is a tropical paradise is also blessed richly with medicinal plants and the climate is suited for healing and natural treatments.

3. Backwaters

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One of the most exciting features of Kerala is the backwaters. It is a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Western coast. This interconnected network of lakes, canals, and inlets are estimated to be about nine hundred kilometers of a maze – life waterways.

4. A state with the highest literacy rate

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In India, Kerala is the first state to react hundred percent literacy rate. Among all states of India, it still maintains the same.

5. Elephants

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Elephants in Kerala have been an important part of their culture since ancient times. It is considered as their state animal and has a place of honor on their state emblem. Elephants are adorned richly with gold ornaments for temple festivals and are considered to be divine.

6. Highest life expectancy rate in India

The 2011 Census data says that Kerala has the highest life expectancy among other states in the country. It is that national average rate is 65.6% while Kerala has 75.1%.

7. India’s tropical paradise

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Kerala is a green paradise and it is blessed with unique geographical features. The paddy field, backwaters, beaches, verdant mountains, waterfalls, exotic wildlife, seafood…. the list goes on!

8. Mustache lovers

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You will never find people without mustache here. Kerala is a state where you can find a large number of men with the abundant and thick mustache.  They consider this as their sign of vigor, glamor, and strength.

9. Teak wood

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The state is renowned as one of the largest teakwood producers. The teak plantation was first started in Kerala by the British and the museum for the same is nestled in Nilambur, Kerala.

10. Food

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Well, food cannot be missed when it comes to interesting facts about Kerala. Kappa, fish curry and puttu are some of the delicacies served here for breakfast. These are the dishes people of Kerala prefer and they are available in small roadside food stalls to seven-star restaurants.

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