Top places to enjoy Houseboat cruising in Kerala

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Kerala Houseboats or Riceboats was popularly known as Kettuvallam are country boats used as the mode of transportation for goods and people. It covers several Kerala Backwater towns like Kottayam, Kollam, Alleppey, Kumarakom, and Cochin.

Kerala Backwater is a labyrinthine network canal, rivers, lake, and inlets. This interconnected waterway forms a 900 km of a water path renowned for its scattered beauty in the form of land, sea, and sky. Scores of tourists prefer Kerala Houseboat Tour so that they can enjoy the kaleidoscopic view of swaying palm trees, emerald rice fields, countryside and several historical monuments on the bank.

Houseboat Ride


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The kettuvallams (traditional houseboats) are one of the main highlights of tours to Kerala. These houseboats were originally constructed by binding huge chunks of wood together and without using even a single nail. These long boats were traditionally used to transport rice and were simple establishments made with thatched roofs and wooden hulls.

These houseboats were later redesigned to promote tourism mainly. Kerala houseboats have now emerged as luxury floating cottages with a sleeping area, dining area, attached bath, a spacious deck and more. These Kerala houseboats are huge, slow-moving boats apt for leisure traveling.

These are well decked with all the amenities of the modern age including air-conditioning, mini bar, telephone and more. Also, for the traveler on a roll, these houseboats are replete with an on-board staff to cook meals and to navigate the boat. Therefore, in the end, the tourist is availed with a hassle-free Kerala touring experience.

Some of the popular destinations of the Kerala Backwater Houseboat are:


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This is among the most popular backwater cruise destination that steals the heart of every visitor. Alappuzha is famous for its palm-fringed narrow canals winding to the vast expanse of paddy fields and a number of small villages along the banks. The scenic beauty of this place is heightened by the presence of Chinese’s fishing nets, flocks of ducks swimming and tiny birds flying across the sky.


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This is another popular backwater destination famous for glistening waterways lined up with dense tropical greenery. The scenic beauty of this place makes it the heart of Kerala Backwater. During a backwater cruise at this place tourist gets an opportunity to see the beautiful countryside, paddy fields and vast expanse of banana plantations. Along with this tourist can also enjoy the enthralling view of rare migratory bird’s species at Pathiramanal Island.


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This is a group of little islands situated on the banks of the Vembanad Lake. The interwoven charm of natural wonder along with meandering lagoons, coconut trees and canals fringed by paddy fields make this place a soul stimulating destination. The backwater cruise is the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. Apart from the scenic beauty the bird sanctuary also heightens the charm of this place. During backwater cruise, tourists can witness several birds’ species flying over their houseboats.

Some of the other popular destinations of Kerala houseboat cruise are Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kasargod, and Kollam.

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