5 Amazing Facts About Kerala You Need To Know

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These interesting Facts about Kerala will certainly inspire you to make your travel plans right now

Kerala is one of the top travel destinations of India. Popular among not just Indian travellers, it is a favourite among globetrotters as well, such is its beauty and invigorating charm. With ample of sightseeing, relaxing, shopping and food options, the lovely Indian state is simply an amazing choice for your next vacation. But if you are looking for some more motivation than that, these Facts about Kerala will certainly do the work.

1. It is official- Kerala is ‘one of the top 10 paradises in the world’, as declared by National Geographic.

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When you hear the name of ‘Kerala’, the slogan ‘God’s own country’ starts ringing in your head, but it is not just because of the advertising but because of the truth. The exquisite beauty is a certain Fact about Kerala that sets it miles apart and above any other tourist destinations in India.

2. Kerala is the land of Ayurveda- The miraculous natural therapy, inherent to India

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Need a chemical free, side-effects free massage for a relaxing holiday? Head to Kerala. The people of the state are magicians of this craft and still practice this ancient healing therapy as their mainstream medicine. Ayurveda is also greatly effective in healing many ailments such as arthritis and more, so more than one reason to visit the land.

3. It is land of elephants- One of the most beguiling Facts about Kerala

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Never would you ever see such a wonderful congregation of these majestic gigantic animals, beautifully adorned, as during the religious ceremonies in Kerala. The state has over 700 of these beasts roaming on its green fields and also has its face plastered on their state emblem.

4. Its famous backwaters are one of the most unique geographical features.

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Interestingly, this very Fact about Kerala is what that delivers it such unparalleled appeal that draws tourists from all over the world. The quaint backwaters of Kerala bestowed upon it by nature are truly mesmerizing to begin with. Add to this, the swaying coconut and palm trees fringing it, vastly spread verdure and lovely houseboats, and you can start believing in love at first sight.

5. Kerala is the home to the richest temple in the world.

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Definitely, one of the most awe-inspiring Facts about Kerala is it being the humble abode of the world’s richest temple. In fact, Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram is not just the wealthiest temple in the world, but also the most affluent institution of worship across the globe, which is due to its impressive treasures of gold and precious stones. However, the striking Dravidian architecture of the temple is another reason for its magnetism.

Kerala is everything you need and more for a comfortable, refreshing and surely a memorable vacation. These Facts about Kerala prove just that. But these aren’t enough to describe the wonderful feeling that you get just by being here and experiencing its wonders. So, go on make your reservations already and visit this exquisite land now.

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