6 Kerala Food Items You Cannot Afford to Miss

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No wonder it is called God’s Own Country, the Kerala food is, after all, every bit a piece of heaven itself.

Everyone knows what an amazing place Kerala is, but so is Kerala Food. The mesmeric backwaters, sprawling tea gardens and lovely beaches are just the beginning of your wondrous experiences in this state. What will truly satiate your soul is the yummy dishes that you will only find here. So let’s find out what are those scrumptious Kerala Food items that you simply cannot deny yourself.

1. Kerala Beef Fry aka Nadan Beef Fry with Malabar Parotta

What better way to start our exotic culinary journey in this lovely state then with easily the most famous of Kerala dishes, Beef Fry. Enclosing within its realm, myriads of deep-seated flavours, the gorgeous taste of this authentic Kerala Food is almost paralyzing. Optimally cooked with a generous dose of mustard seeds, ginger, garlic and Southern gastronomy signature- curry leaves, and served with a flaky multi-layered Malabar Parotta, it is one dish you simply shouldn’t miss.

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2. Appam

A smooth and versatile dish, it is one of the best comfort foods of Kerala. You just cannot go wrong with this simple rice cake with a soft centre that radiates outward to become crisper as it goes. Team it with any stew, typically a chicken or meat-based stew cooked in distinctive coconut milk, or even the popular pumpkin and lentil curry known as Erissery, and you are set for an unforgettable experience.

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3. Idiyappam

A cloud from heaven, Idiyappam is a well-known dish made with delicately entwined strands of rice flour and water which are steamed to form a lovely, fluffy appam. The plain flavour of this amazing melt-in-mouth Kerala Food renders it quite versatile to be had with any curry, though it tastes best with special Kerala styled egg curry.

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4. Puttu with Kadala Curry

This cylindrical shaped rice and coconut shavings cake are simply too irresistible. Steamed to perfection, these is the most popular Kerala Food item eaten for breakfast in all of Kannur and many other regions of the state. It is usually savoured with black chickpeas curry known as Kadala Curry but it tastes equally good with bananas and freshly grated coconut.

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5. Ghee Roast Dosa with Special Kerala Sambhar

Who can deny the exquisite taste of a satisfying bite into a crispy dosa? It then every way deserving for it to be listed among the ’50 most delicious foods of the world. Taste Kerala dosa, perfectly roasted in pure ghee and you can’t help agreeing. And what’s its best accompaniment? Of course, Kerala style yummy sambhar!

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6. Kerala Prawn Curry

Although simple curry, this Kerala Food dish certainly has an extraordinary flavour. Simply seasoned with some chilli, salt and pepper, the prawns are then dunked in a good helping of coconut milk. It is finished with jaggery and the compulsory, curry leaves which gives it that unbelievably sultry and smooth flavour, you’ll love.

So, now that you know what’s in store for you at this ravishing juncture, you can be sure you do not miss out on any of these scintillating Kerala Foods when you visit this beautiful state. Happy eating!

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