Idukki: The Spice Garden of Kerala

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Idukki district is one of the greenest areas in Kerala. Known for its hydroelectric projects, tea plantations and spice garden, Idukki is indeed Kerala’s green gold. The numerous rivers flowing through the rich verdant forests of the area make it a perfect home for the vibrant flora and fauna. Unlike other destinations, Idukki is still not very well known among tourists. However, here is our recommended Idukki places to visit list.

1. Idukki Arch Dam

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The Idukki Arch dam is the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest arch dam spreading over a height of 550ft. Built over the Periyar river and two mountains, the dam generates electricity enough to suffice for the entire state. This dam has garnered praise worldwide and is a highly recommended spot in the Idukki places to visit list.

2.  Thommankuthu Falls

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The Thommankuthu Falls was named after Thomman who fell into the waterfall while crossing the river.  Made up of seven water cascades and pools, the waterfall is also known as the seven-step waterfall. The surrounding area has a lot of caves and rocks, making it an ideal haven for adventure sports enthusiasts. For all those adrenaline junkies, this must feature in your Idukki places to visit list.

3. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

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Spread over 77 square kilometres, with a reservoir formed by three dams namely the Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamanu, the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some endangered flora and fauna. This is where you get the best glimpses of nature and the symbiosis between the flora and fauna. If you are a budding ornithologist or someone who enjoys nature this is a highly recommended destination in your Idukki places to visit list.

4. Hill View Park


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Somehow, the sight of elephants makes everyone happy. At the Hill View Park, visitors can see elephants in their natural habitats. The elevated area provides a panoramic view. Situated next to the Idukki arch dam and the Cheruthony dam, the park has a natural water body where tourists can avail boating facilities.  The park also has a children’s playground and a herbal garden.

5. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

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The Thattekad Bird Sanctuary was established by Dr Salim Ali, the renowned ornithologist. This bird sanctuary is home to over 500 species of rare and endangered birds. Surrounded by deep verdant forests over an area of 25 square kilometres and with the tributaries of the Periyar River flowing through the area, this is a great place to watch animals and birds. Apart from birds, the sanctuary also houses leopards, porcupines, bears and elephants. If you are an ornithology enthusiast, make sure to add this destination to your Idukki places to visit list.

 6. Kalvari Mount

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Located on the way to Kattappana, the Kalvari or the Calvary Mount snugly sits on a mountaintop. It provides a stunning view of the Idukki reservoir and the villages below. The view is beautiful and here you will also spot elephants in the forests and tea gardens. Add this destination to your Idukki places to visit list, simply to get lost and mesmerized by the greenery.

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