Best time to visit Kerala – All about Kerala and when to visit

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If you want to plan a serene and calming holiday, visit Kerala on your next vacation! With sandy beaches, multiple rivers and nature’s finest views, this tourist spot is no less than an island paradise!

Want to know more about this amazing destination? Keep reading to find out.

Kerala – Geographical Location and Climatic Conditions

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Kerala is a state located in the south west of India. Located along the coast with the Arabian Sea, the region boasts a large stretch of beaches and has a temperate climate that is typical of regions situated on the equator. The state also contains numerous forests and hills with abundant wildlife that is every nature lover’s dream.

The region is known within the country for being the most educated and refined of all societies this is why it has been able to develop its tourism and set standards that other tourist areas can follow. The resorts and hotels provide high-quality services and the entire state is exemplary in its cleanliness. Its unique geographical feature is the presence of a network of 44 rivers that flow through this state.

 Best time to visit Kerala

The Best time to visit Kerala is during winters which are between November and February. If you love summers then the best time to visit Kerala is between March and May and the Monsoon happens between June and September.

Why Visit Kerala on Your Next Vacation?

Still unsure whether you want to visit Kerala on your next vacation? See the top reasons below to discover why taking a trip to this beautiful state is worth the experience:

Numerous Activities

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Kerala offers something for everyone. With a lot of natural beauty, beaches, sunshine, and activities like; Ayurvedic massages and boating on backwaters; this is the perfect vacation destination. With strong cultural values, delicious local delicacies and friendly locals, you are sure to enjoy your stay to the maximum!

Natural Beauty

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The pleasant climate of Kerala makes it a great location for spending the holidays and promotes a lot of wildlife and natural flora and fauna. To experience the wildlife, visit the Periyar National Park, where you can see an abundance of wild animals, including elephants. Short elephant rides are also provided to visitors and if you want to see the whole park in style, you can go on a boating tour to see the natural surroundings at their best, along with a glorious sunset.

Ayurvedic Remedies

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Ayurveda is the art of healing through herbal remedies and if you are on vacation in Kerala, you can leave your aches and pains behind. The region offers amazing Ayurvedic massages that can rejuvenate your body and leave you feeling fresh and energized.

Beautiful Backwaters

The presence of so many rivers has led to the creation of many backwaters within Kerala. Here, you can hire a houseboat for your tour along with the ship’s crew and guide to enjoy an expedition into this serene environment. Relax and enjoy your day in peace as you float on the surface of calm waters and make the most of your vacation in Kerala!

Exotic Cuisine

People who love to eat will enjoy a vacation within Kerala, as almost every delicacy is sold here. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian and from spicy to plain, every type of cuisine is available within Kerala. Seafood is also found in abundance and local restaurants can be the hub of quality food during the tourist season.

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