Kerala Backwaters – Why to choose Kerala Backwater cruising on your visit

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If you want to holiday in Kerala, you could try one of the many Kerala backwaters packages that are offered by many tour operators, both offline and online. Spread over 1500 km and composed of over 38 rivers, 5 lakes and a number of brackish water lagoons, the emerald backwaters of Kerala will never cease to fascinate you. Here are a few reasons why Kerala backwaters tours should be your number one choice for experiencing Kerala:

Natural and Scenic Beauty

Backwaters tours are the best way of getting a glimpse of Kerala’s natural beauty and its wildlife, particularly its population of water birds. You will see just how beautiful Kerala can be, as you drift on a ketuvallam or houseboat through the maze of its backwaters, fringed with coconut palms and lush green paddy fields. You can also see quaint little churches and beautiful temples dotting the landscape here and there. You can also see the everyday life of natives who live along the banks of the canals and rivers, and sometimes on mini-islands. You can buy fresh fish from local fishermen, or even try your hand at catching some yourself! You will indeed see the natural charm of Kerala at its best by going on a backwater cruise.

Peace and Quiet

Ever since Kerala became popular as “God’s own Country”, there has been a huge influx of tourists to this picturesque state of India. While you may indeed feel that the epithet is deserved, experiencing Kerala with hordes of people around you may not exactly be rejuvenating. Kerala backwaters packages are just what you need if you want to experience the wonder that is Kerala, in peace and quiet, at your own pace. As you will be cruising on a houseboat by your own, with only the crew to give you and family company, you won’t be surrounded by other tourists jostling to see the same sights as you. The extensive network of the backwaters also ensures that you won’t bump into other tourists who are on a cruise like you. Even if you do happen to encounter another houseboat, all you have to do is turn your boat in some other direction.

Great Value for Money

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Kerala Backwaters ToursĀ give you great value when you consider all its advantages and the relatively affordable rates that you are charged for such cruises. Apart from the opportunity of experiencing Kerala’s natural beauty in peace and quiet, you are also provided with five-star comforts on the ketuvallams which are equipped with fully functional modern bathrooms, AC and sun decks, and which also have experienced and professional crew members, including chefs. There are many online tour operators and organizers that offer you backwaters packages at very competitive prices.

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